Katimavik Day of Action – Volunteer / Journée d'action Katimavik – Bénévoles

Protest through volunteerism / Protestation par le bénévolat

A Call to Canada to Support Katimavik

There are a number of Katimavik events requiring your support over the coming months. Below you will find: Crossing Canada for Katimavik Katimavik in our Communities Charmaine Borg and Motion M-352 … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May to Speak at Toronto Katimavik Rally

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Federal Green Party, will speak out for Katimavik at the National Rally for Katimavik in Toronto on July 21, 2012. We welcome all Katimavik and … Continue reading

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What Now? Summer of Katimavik and Letters to Your MP

This has been declared the Summer of Katimavik where we will try a final push to press home the importance of this program and support Charmaine Borg’s Motion M-352 that … Continue reading

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Day of Action Media Coverage

We generated limited news for our Day of Action (apparently riots and pot banging is more effective in that regards 🙂 )  but at least we know we did the … Continue reading

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Unique Canadian Protest Event

Saturday June 23  marks a unique protest event in Canada. A Day of Action that gives back to YOUR community. With over 100 participants offering over 600 hours of service we … Continue reading

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The End of Katimavik Newmarket

The Newmarket Katimavik is leavingn for home  today and unless we can turn this cut around, will sadly be the last Katimavik group in Newmarket. At their farewell party held … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE – Katimavik Day of Action

Date: 2012-06-20 Organization: Saving Katimavik Alumni Committee Email: katimavikaction@gmail.com  On Saturday, June 23, 2012 more than one hundred former Katimavik volunteers and supporters will provide 600 hours of labour to … Continue reading

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