Katimavik Day of Action – Volunteer / Journée d'action Katimavik – Bénévoles

Protest through volunteerism / Protestation par le bénévolat

What Now? Summer of Katimavik and Letters to Your MP

Crossing Canada for Katimavik

This has been declared the Summer of Katimavik where we will try a final push to press home the importance of this program and support Charmaine Borg’s Motion M-352 that will be voted on in the fall.

That represents our final chance of success.

The main actions for this summer are Crossing Canada for Katimavik at
http://KatimaCAN.com and the National Rally for Katimavik on July 21, 2012 at http://savingkatimavik.com.  We hope you will join us for both events.

As the Katimavik Day of Action-Volunteer has come and gone, this site will now be dedicated to other news and activities about our efforts to restore Katimavik funding.  As part of that we invite you to participate in our…

Letters to your MP

Many people who have written their MPs have complained they did not get a response; got a response that didn’t address their concerns or, worse yet, responses that were inaccurate.

Over the Summer of As part of this series, we will reprint your Katimavik  letters to your MP and any responses you may have received.  Please share  your letters.

Please send a copy of your letters to  katimavikaction@gmail.com.


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